Legislative Authority

Regulatory Authority


The authority to regulate the practice of nursing in the interest of public safety is granted to the Yukon Registered Nurses Association through the Registered Nurses Profession Act.(S.Y.2002; O.I.C.2012/197) and pursuant Regulations.

All persons intending to work as a registered nurse in the Yukon must be registered with the Yukon Registered Nurses Association prior to beginning work. The YRNA license year runs from April 1st to March 31st annually.


Qualification for Registration as a Nurse Practitioner 

Per the Yukon Registered Nurses Profession Regulation, applicants for nurse practitioner registration/licensure must, within the immediate past 3 year period have: (a) practiced for 900 hours as a nurse practitioner in any jurisdiction or; (b) successfully completed a nursing education program to quality as a nurse practitioner. Per the authority granted in Section 19 of the Regulations, which came into effect Nov 2012, the YRNA Board subsequently approved registration policy 3.04 which states that:

3.1. Until Feb 29, 2015 NP hours of practice can be met by: a) self-reporting hours worked as a nurse practitioner in a NP position; b) self-reporting the number of hours worked in the Yukon as a primary health care nurse or in an infectious disease nursing position; or c) providing proof of hours spent in education, research, administration, policy or continuing education activities at a NP level.

Beginning March 1, 2015, NP hours of practice must be met by self-reporting the number of hours worked as a nurse practitioner in a position that requires the person to be a NP.

Registration by Endorsement ONLY

The Yukon Registered Nurses Association can only register new applicants based on endorsement from another Canadian jurisdictional nursing association. Initial YRNA registration is based, in part, on confirmation that an applicant is entitled to practise as a nurse in another Canadian jurisdiction. Applicants who are not eligible for registration in another Canadian jurisdiction must complete that prerequisite prior to applying for registration with YRNA.

Membership Benefits

Practising and Associate membership benefits include:


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