NP Licensure Information

NP Licensure Information

The regulation of nurse practitioners (NPs) came into force in the Yukon on November 23, 2012 with the passage of new legislation and regulations. Development of the processes and forms for nurse practitioner registration/licensure is in process. The information on this web page will be updated as information is finalized.


General Information

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse practitioners are experienced registered nurses with additional education who possess and demonstrate the competencies required for nurse practitioner registration or licensure in a province or territory. Using an evidence-based, holistic approach that emphasizes health promotion and partnership development, NPs complement, rather than replace, other health care providers. Nurse practitioners, as advanced practice nurses, blend their in-depth knowledge of nursing theory and practice with their legal authority and autonomy to order and interpret diagnostic tests, prescribe pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other therapies, and perform procedures (Canadian Nurses Association, 2010).

Like registered nurses, Yukon nurse practitioners promote a healthy Yukon community through caring, leadership and the advancement of nursing excellence.

[Excerpt from Foundations for Nurse Practitioner Practice in the Yukon]

Regulatory Authority

The authority to regulate the practice of nursing in the interest of public safety is granted to the Yukon Registered Nurses Association through the Registered Nurses Profession Act. (S.Y.2002; O.I.C.2012/197) and pursuant Regulations.

All persons intending to work as a nurse practitioner in the Yukon must be registered with the Yukon Registered Nurses Association prior to beginning work. The YRNA license year runs from April 1st to March 31st annually.

Registration by Endorsement ONLY

The Yukon Registered Nurses Association only registers new nurse practitioner applicants by endorsement from another Canadian jurisdictional nursing association. Initial YRNA registration is based, in part, on confirmation that an applicant is entitled to practise as a nurse practitioner in another Canadian jurisdiction. Applicants who do not hold NP licensure in another Canadian jurisdiction must complete that prerequisite prior to applying for registration as a nurse practitioner with YRNA.

Authority to Practise

Per the Registered Nurses Profession Act:

13.1 (2) subject to regulations setting out exceptions, conditions or restrictions to be placed on the scope of practice of a nurse practitioner, a nurse practitioner is entitled to:

(a) make diagnoses to identify diseases, disorders, or conditions;
(b) communicate a diagnosis
(c) order or interpret screening and diagnostic tests;
(d) select, recommend, supply, prescribe, or monitor the effectiveness of drugs and treatments; or
(e) perform other procedures authorized by regulations.

Registered Nurses Profession Act


Foundations for NP Practice in the Yukon

Building on the legislative framework, the Foundations for NP Practice in the Yukon provides more detailed guidance to NPs on expectations regarding their practice. It is also intended to provide clarity on the role, for NPs and for other providers who work alongside them.

The core competencies for Yukon are adopted from the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Core Competency Framework. These competencies serve as standards of practice for NPs. The clinical expectations in this document are based on those developed by the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association (SRNA). We would like to acknowledge and thank SRNA for their generosity in allowing us to use their work. We would also like to acknowledge and thank the Canadian Nurses Association and all the groups and individuals who contributed to the national core competency framework.

Foundations for Nurse Practitioner Practice in the Yukon


NP Registration Information

The requirements for registration and licensure as an NP in the Yukon are outlined in the Registered Nurses Profession Regulation in some detail. Nurse practitioners and others seeking information about registration and licensure are encouraged to consult the legislation as the definitive source.

The following application process applies to nurse practitioners who are licensed to practise in another Canadian jurisdiction. Initial NP registration in the Yukon is based, in part, on endorsement of NP licensure in another Canadian jurisdiction. As a new NP applicant, if you do not hold a license as an NP in another Canadian jurisdiction, that prerequisite must be completed prior to applying for NP licensure with YRNA.

Persons seeking NP licensure in the Yukon must hold RN (Practising) membership with YRNA. If you are not an RN (Practising) member click here for information and forms related to RN licensure.

In general, to be registered and licensed as an NP, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Completed application for NP Registration/Licensure; and
  • Verification from another Canadian jurisdiction certifying current registration as an NP in that jurisdiction; and
  • Employer Reference(s) confirming proof of hours of satisfactory practice as an NP within the past 3 years (unless applicant is a new graduate without practice hours); and
  • Payment of NP license fee.

On an annual basis, NPs must:

  • Comply with any continuing competence requirements approved by the YRNA board specifically for NPs; and
  • Confirm that her/his entitlement to practice as a NP has not been revoked in any jurisdiction; and
  • Confirm that within the immediate past three years, she/he has accumulated 900 hours of NP practice in any jurisdiction or successfully completed a NP education program approved by a Canadian jurisdiction.
  • Pay the applicable renewal fees.

The forms for NP registration may be printed from this website. Registration forms cannot be filed electronically at this time. Completed forms must be mailed to the YRNA office along with the necessary fees.


NP Continuing Competence Information

CCP NP Worksheet

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