Professional Conduct Review Policy


The YRNA has a statutory duty under s.24 of the Registered Nurse Profession Act (the Act) to serve and protect the public by regulating the practice of nursing and governing its members. Part of this duty includes dealing with complaints about the professional conduct of members and former members in a procedurally fair process and consistent manner. 

The YRNA seeks information disclosure from employers and health care professionals through s.36(d) of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act ('ATIPP', Yukon, 2012) and s.58(z) of the Health Information Privacy Management Act ('HIPMA', Yukon, 2016).

The YRNA has a responsibility under the principles of natural justice to ensure that all evidence to be used against a member is disclosed, a duty to consider all of the evidence, and to ensure institutional independence by the decision maker.

This document was created to articulate the YRNA's principles and processes concerning how complaints will be addressed and if necessary, how disciplinary measures will be determined. This program was developed in accordance with the Act and Regulation, with YRNA's bylaws, and with common practices used in Canada. 

Professional Conduct Review Policy

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